Hello there!

I'm Hamish Jackson. My middle names are Dale and Mercer, in case you were wondering.

My potting started at Winchcombe Pottery in the Cotswolds, England, in 2012 (coincidentally, just three miles from Stanton, the lovely village where my grandparents lived). Winchcombe was taken over by Michael Cardew in the 1920s and remains a studio pottery today. Working there, I got a real taste for production work, as well as tasks such as cutting wood for firings, mixing clay, and preparing glazes. 

Since then, I've worked in studios in Los Angeles, CA, Brooklyn, NY, and now Pittsboro, NC, where I'm currently apprenticing with Mark Hewitt. I have been apprenticing with Mark for three years now and the end is in sight! I shall stay about another year and then fly the nest. It's been wonderful working with Mark, and I have learnt a great deal. 

In 2017, my wife, Lauren, and I bought a house in Chapel Hill, and I converted the shed into a pottery studio. It's quite small, but there's room enough. I have a wheel, some racks, and a scale! I have been firing my work with Lara O'Keefe, whose kiln is just south of Pittsboro. We fire with wood and blow salt in at the end of the firing.

I'm committed to using North Carolina clays and local rocks for my glazes. North Carolina has a rich history of ceramics, due mostly to the abundance of excellent clay, and I feel lucky to be able to make pots here. My pots are all wood-fired and salt-glazed, a process which has a strong tradition in this area. I draw inspiration from old pots in order to create mine today. 

Oh, also, Lauren and I have two cats: Winston and Shelly. And an angora rabbit called Ruth Bunny Ginsburg (who also has an instagram account: @ruth.bunny.ginsburg). She is our top pot model. The cats have no patience for activities such as sitting in mixing bowls.