Four Inch Bowls, Step 6. Glazing.

Your four inch bowl is nearly a finished article!

Once your pots have been bisquited you can glaze them. You want to do this at least the day before a glaze firing.

It is a good idea to sieve your glazes before using them. I did this a week or so ago to all the glazes. 

Stir it up! John Forster likes to get his hand all the way in the bucket and stir by hand. This has the advantage that you get to feel how settled the mix is, but the disadvantage of a thoroughly coated arm.

Dip your jug in this mix.

And pour it in.

You don't need to go this high, I was etting carried away.

Swirl the glaze around the bowl to cover the slip line.

It does not matter if you drip a bit.

Pour out.

Quickly sponge off the excess.

Place to one side to dry out. It only takes a few minutes until the glaze has been sucked dry.

Using a razor blade carefully slice a crisp line in the glaze.

Use the corner of a sponge to clean off any excess glaze above the razor line.

Stack them up ready for the kiln!
Here is the video to accompany this process (it is actually the right way up to start with):