Some pictures to go with my first post:

Harry Berman's studio in L.A:

Theorso | 30 x 20 x 2 in. | 2010 | SOLD
One of Geofrey Pagan's pieces

The kiln Andrew and I built at his place, just getting going

Andrew stoaking the fire

Results from the first firing. Mostly good but some dry pots near the back of the kiln.

Second Firing. Pots stacked ready.

Results from the second firing. The peachy oranges came from experiments with different shinos.

An egg baker with brushed iron oxide decoration.

Third firing. Tried out some tenmoku recipes on mostly lidded pots.

As you can see, lots of browns and greens. A couple of pots over fired, perhaps unsurprisingly as we did get the pyro to read 1340 at one point!

On to Italy...
One of the many amazing sunsets, view from the balcony at La Meridiana

Pearl barley salad with basil, olives and tomatoes

Delightful aubergine treats with drizzled tomato sauce
Mark Hewitt adding a coil to finish the rim of an epic pot
Roman helping Mark put the finished pot in the wood kiln

Lisa and Donna's group, with the joint sculptures in the grounds.

Me with one of my efforts-terraforte clay

Liz's group groaning after devouring my scones and cream

Charlie hanging out in between two gas kilns

John Colbeck weighing out glazes

Claudia making a humungous jug for an art performance

Pietro demonstrating raku with terra sigillata

Apple torte with custard underneath the apples-to die for.

Luccia, the chef at La Meridiana, slicing perfectly pink beef as thinly as possible

The tiny birds that nested above my wheel in the barn

Roasted red pepper soup with sour cream, mint and poppy seeds

Various jugs sat on my wheel