Four Inch Bowls, Step 2. Flipping.

Four inch bowls are not just a two or three minute creation. The throwing is merely part one of this seven part epic. Step 2 takes place an indeterminable space of time after the throwing. The bowls need to sit around for a while. It is important to let them relax back for a couple of days or more, until they have wilted like spinach hitting a hot pan.

The bowls shrink in size as water escapes. You have to keep an eye on them. Not in case they run away but because you never know how quickly they will dry out. It depends where you leave them. Pots in England take longer to reach Step Two than pots in L.A.

This may not seem like the most exciting step but it is a necessity. You need to look out for the moment when the rim will be able to take the act of turning it over. You can test it by lightly touching it. It should not be tacky to the touch. To get it off the board you twist gently and lift up. If you use a twisted wire to remove the bowl from the wheel then they lift off easier.

Step 2. Thrilling stuff.

Tomorrow I will post Step 3. The bowls should be ready by then. How exciting to be writing this as it happens. Its like live TV but a lot slower and more boring.