I thought now was a good time to do a few posts on some of my other duties at Winchcombe Pottery. It is not all producing four inch bowls (and now beakers). In fact, its mostly not.

Here is a list of the jobs that spring to mind: lighting the fire in the workshop, stocking the shop, serving customers in the shop (when they ring the bell), packing up orders, tidying, cleaning, moving and chopping wood, mixing clay, pugging clay, scraping off bats, packing and unpacking kilns, preparing the kiln shelves with alumina, sorting kiln furniture, mixing glazes, sieving glazes, glazing and fettling, grinding down pots, pressure hosing down the floor, strimming undergrowth, removing tree limbs. Oh and helping set up Ray Finch's old room as a teaching space.

It would take me a long time to document all of that and there is probably no need. Not sure anyone wants to see me pressure hosing a floor. But I'll do a few anyway.

But before that, some bathroom pictures! The wooden sills around our shower/bath thing weren't sealed, so water was leaking down and through the wall into the bedroom. Bad news. So I removed the wood. Here is what I found.

I really didn't want to look too closely in that hole. Lots of spiders webs.


 A mushroom I found hiding under the rotting wood.

I don't think its edible.
 Further horror.

A slug who also thought its home was the bathroom. Its not even native.

As you can see, bathroom maintenance is also part of living at the pottery.

Here is the freshly sealed effort.
It still smells of weird rubbery plastic in there. I just need to varnish or paint the back piece and it will be complete. I don't think its bad for my first forray into the world of luxury bathrooms.