Matt Grimmitt throwing a flower pot at Winchcombe Pottery

 Apologies for the gap in posts. I got rather distracted by thanksgiving feasting, stuffing myself with turkey, cranberry sauce and various pumpkin dishes. The food coma that resulted prevented me from doing anything productive at all.

But on to today's video! This was taken one day when the studio was filling up with pots to be bisquit fired. However, Matt noticed our lack of suitable pots for the bottom of the kiln, so decided to make a batch of flower pots. We don't make a huge amount of flower pots, what with Whichford Pottery fairly close by, but do make a few sizes and different glazes.

When the slipware workshop is ready we should have some lovely earthenware flowerpots coming out too. They are quick to throw and you don't have to be too precise with them so Matt filled the bottom of the kiln up in no time.