Sawing Wood

I awoke this morning to a bright crisp November day. I could see the leaves sparkling yellow from the window above our sink, a tiny squirrel munching bird seed underneath. My first thought was to get my air rifle and attempt to dispatch it, but Lauren dissuaded me and we watched it instead.

Mike Finch informed me a few days ago that as soon as we got a break in the rainy weather I would be out cutting wood for future firings. The local saw mill who supplies us with wood (mostly pine) is set to deliver soon, so a space needed clearing.

It was an excellent day to be working outside, even with such an antiquated circular saw. Until coming to Winchcombe I didn't even know you could attach a saw to a tractor.

Here is my day in pictures:

Essential tools: gloves, goggles, helmet with visor and ear protectors.

Some of the wood to be cut up.
Making a start in the morning sun.

"Watch out for those fingers Hamish."
For some of the thinner pieces it was easier to push them through from one side.
Cutting up the off cuts for the workshop fire.
Chucking the offcuts on the pile. Very satisfying.
Me and my piles.

Would it make Svend Bayer proud? Probably not, but a good stack nevertheless.
Happy to still have all of my limbs and digits.

And here is a short video of the operation in motion.

And finally a picture of the Lauren the beautiful camera lady, who helped out filming and picture taking despite it being her half-birthday (!!!) and having the manuscript of her novel to edit.