Black & White Photographs of Winchcombe Pottery

Last night I developed some black and white films. This one was a medium format film (120), shot just before leaving Winchcombe, with my grandads Rolleilex Magic 1. Admittedly there are more pictures of Boots than pots but he is much more photogenic!

Display up in the shop.

The glazing room, full to the rafters with bisquit pots.

Kiln shelves and pots ready for firing.

John in action, glazing a plate.

The team, post tea time.

This one is a bit sharper, even though I look quite special.


Much love for Boots.

Great cat.

Brian England, Winchcombe shoe repairer extraordinaire, with his pal Boots. If you need any shoes repairing, Brian is the man. he has saved several of my pairs from oblivion.

Lauren with her favorite plastic meerkat.

Mike in transit with wood for fire in the workshop.