John Forster throwing a three pint jug at Winchcombe Pottery PART 1

John Forster is the jug man at Winchcombe Pottery. He produces tiny creamers, half pint jugs, one pint jugs, two pint jugs, three pint jugs and occasionally larger ones too. I decided to film the three pint jug production, mostly because they are impressively large when first thrown and you can see the process easier on video.

The most amazing part of being at Winchcombe is that the forms being thrown today have been in production for years. Much of the range was started by Michael Cardew in the 1920's. Throughout time a plethora of different potters have taken on each form, giving it their own feeling but sticking to a set of dimensions and quantity of clay.

John has the unenviable position of making jugs in Ray Finch's wake. Ray's jugs were truly magnificent and very distinctive. John makes lovely jugs too as you will see in the video, with his own style imprinted upon them.

Having attempted a few jugs myself I know how challenging they are. You really need to keep some weight in the shoulder so they don't collapse when you collar them in. Spouts are a mine field too!

For some reason it does not want to embed the video but here's the link to youtube: