Mike Finch at his wheel. Interview at Winchcombe Pottery, 21/11/13, PART 1

This is the first installment of my interview with Mike. Doing them in three installments was not an artistic decision. I had some technical difficulties. Namely, running out of space on my camera's memory card, and then running out of space on the back up too. The other unforeseen problem which I realise now watching them back is that I was standing very close to the camera and Mike far away, so my voice is too loud and his a little quiet.

However, and having said all that, I think the videos do allow you to get a flavour of Mr Finch and see the twinkle in his eye at points. In this first part Mike talks about his route into being a production thrower at Winchcombe Pottery, about growing up around pots, learning to teach and the irresistible draw of the Cotswold countryside.