Walking around the town of Montelupo on market day

Pots are everywhere in this town. You can't get away from them even if you wanted to; it seems like every shop boasts at least a few. As we were walking around, we saw potters on the street demonstrating techniques and getting on with their work. One man, whom I failed to photograph, was throwing side on to his wheel. Pietro told me this was the way it was always done and is much better for your back. It didn't look very comfortable but who knows, maybe I should try it sometime.

First up then, some traditional cookware. I could not get up close to these. They were behind bars.

I really like the side handle on the casserole dish to the right.

The next few were taken in a little gallery off on of the main streets.

The surface of these was so temptingly shiny, you just wanted to reach out and touch them.
Unsure who the artist of these pieces was, I should have noted it down.
Not so sure about the sculpture but I love the wall behind.

Here it is a little closer.
 Back on main street. Time for a snack...

This man knew his cured meats. I had a sample of everything he had to offer!

This lady was decorating  a majolica plate in the traditional way, right there on the pavement.
Me looking very awkward, posing with a pot that appealed.
 The two pictures here were taken through a fancy shop window.

I think it is interesting to see the contrast of the older pots in the museums to the contemporary ones. Not everyone in Montelupo is still making majolica! The bulbous one in the left picture appeals to me. The wavy lines down it accentuate the form nicely, but to my eye the gold is a little too much.

I appreciate all comments and would be interested to see what people think about these pots in comparison to the more traditional ones, or on my posts in general