Happy holidays! and, my first time lapse!

To anyone and everyone who reads this, I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I had planned on going back to England this holiday, but my travel and work permit from the US government only arrived in mid December, by which point the flights were far too expensive. So Lauren and I went back to stay with her folks in Los Angeles. It could be worse. The weather is pretty fabulous, we've soaking up as much sun as possible before going back to cold reality in New York. On Christmas Day we followed the strict Jewish tradition of going out to a movie and then Chinese food. The Chinese was a shambles but The Interview was surprisingly funny, and we did not get nuked, either, which felt like an extra Christmas present.

I was planning to post lots of pics of pieces I have made recently, however I managed to lose my phone. It is in Dallas Love Field somewhere. The lost and found people couldn't find it even though I emailed them a map of the precise location. Pish tush. So I have been set back somewhat.

However I did get a pretty exciting toy for xmas which I managed to have a brief play with. It is a GoPro Hero 3 (silver edition), complete with extras such as a chest harness, head strap, etc. So I figured I could do some pottery videos with it strapped to my chest or head. However, upon attempying this, I realised that the camera has to be super close to the clay for it to be visible due to the extreme wide angle.

So I strapped it to a stool. It wasn't totally secure and somewhat impeded my motions on the peddle, but I was kind of in a rush and managed anyway. I decided to try out the time lapse function. It consists of 776 photographs taken one every half a second. When they are all put together and played like a video it condenses down to 25 seconds.

So here it is below: the first in my GoPro Pottery series! Good cheer to yea and have a glass of port on me!