Mark Hewitt Pottery Christmas 2015 Kiln Opening, 94th Firing

We had a hard frost the morning of the kiln opening. I meandered down to the pottery at 8 a.m. to find a crowd of people perusing the barn already. The way it works is that when customers arrive they get given a number and then at 9 a.m. everyone has to leave the barn and line up in the order that they arrived. This allows the early birds to get first pick of the pots they really want.

Shelves fully stacked before the sale.
Everyone's feet were cold but Carol (Mark's wife) had laid on vats of mulled cider and coffee which kept everyone happy. As the morning progressed, the sun came out, the frost melted, and people discarded their scarves. The pots looked very fine lined up in the early light of the day. I could not help being displeased with some of my forms, but overall I was happy with the results from this second cycle of work. My pots have definitely improved and I am getting to grips with Mark's style of decoration and slip trailing. I'll start with some pictures of Mark's pots...

They looked especially proud with the sun peeping over the trees.
Large Mark Hewitt pot.

Detail on the shoulder of one of Mark's big pots.
Large Mark Hewitt pot.

Large Mark Hewitt pot.
Large Mark Hewitt pot.

Large Mark Hewitt pot.

Mostly vases by Mark Hewitt.
Nice ashy pitcher and mugs.
Fat jar and quart pitcher.
Now here are some pics of Adrian's pots. Adrian is the other apprentice at Mark's studio. He's been here for over three years and this will be his last firing in the salt kiln. He certainly has some skills as you can see below. Sweet pots! I have one of his large mixing bowls from this firing and have already greatly enjoyed making bread dough in it.

Platters, mixing bowls and three ten gallons.
Mixing bowls and a ten gallon pot.
Adrian's display with bottles, teapots, salt and pepper shakers, sawanaky's and vases.
My pots are priced lower than Adrian's and much lower than Mark's, and rightly so as I am by far the least experienced, and the pots reflect that. I think the customers like this; it's nice to come and find a bargain! Most of the pots pictured below have sold out now. All of my mugs went to a couple whose son is a school principal; they will be given out to every teacher in the school. That made me happy.

Shot glasses.
Creamers and pitcher (jug)
Little whisky flask (this one is not the best shape but I like the salty black slip on it)
Cannister jar. Mark actually threw this one as an example pot but I forgot it was his and decorated it myself.
Honey pot and three bud vases.
Shot glasses and my one austere straight canister jar.
Barrel mugs.
Canister jar and wasabi dishes.
Mini flower pots!
Medium sized pancheon.
Eager shoppers.
Two shelves of my pots with a little bio.
Lilac slippped mugs.
Honey pot (ash glaze).
Collection of chun pieces.
Butter dish with yellow swirl.
Swirly canister jars and straight mugs.
A sawanaky from last firing and some recent straight mugs.

Honey jar (ash glaze).
If I do not get the chance to post again before Christmas, then I hope you all have a lovely time, eat far too much food, and have much merriment!