Mark Hewitt Pottery. Firing 98 and Kiln Opening. December 2017.

This Autumn cycle of making is always the shortest of the year, so we have been up against it, trying to make enough pots to fill the kiln as well as complete all the other necessary tasks like cutting wood and grinding kiln shelves. We all stepped up and worked hard and managed to do it -- we even had a few pots left over that wouldn't fit in the kiln. One of our tactics was to make more planters and mixing bowls than usual, and these got placed in more varied spots in the kiln, so some of these got nice firings.

Here are a few snaps from the firing...

Early on. Still only a little fire in there: stoking hardwood logs.

Terry Childress (local potter and sculptor extraodinaire) stoking the main firebox.

Mark salting the front of the kiln with the help of Malcolm Henry.

The orange red glow of the pots at the end of the firing.

Here's one of Stillman's that we pulled out still hot!

The 98th Salt Kiln Firing Crew.

The main day of the firing was a blustery fall day but the heat of the kiln kept us comfortable. I am particularly happy with some of the egg vases that I made; I've tried small versions of this shape before but never larger ones. My pitchers and barrel mugs are gradually getting better -- eking toward the goal of Mark's light, elegant forms. 

In other news, the bee hives down in the apple orchard are doing well: they have survived the winter thus far. Fingers crossed! We might even get some honey next year. The garden is producing, too -- I picked some nice broccoli for dinner tonight and there are more than enough cabbages to have a sauerkraut party. 

On to the pots!

First up, here's the big pots from this cycle, in the dusty grey morning light.

Mark Hewitt. Big pot. $4,500.

Mark Hewitt. Big pot. $3,500.

Close up of the decoration. I like the lilac circles on this one.

Mark Hewitt. Big pot. $4500.

Mark Hewitt. Big pot. $4,500.

Mark Hewitt. Big pot. $6,500.

Mark Hewitt. Big pot. $6,500.

Mark Hewitt. Big pot. $6,500

Mark Hewitt. Big pot. $7,500.

Close up of the decoration. I helped dot this one... so many dots!

Standing proud.

Now lets get into the sale, and smaller pots.

Mark giving his morning address before the punters get their pick of the pots. First come, first served!

The orderly walk down to the barn.

The Fervour.

The Fervour Part II.

A local artist painted a picture of Mark which graced the wall of the barn this weekend.

Various pots by Mark.

Cookie jar and pitcher. Mark Hewitt.

Top row = black slipped pots with cadmium yellow rims. Bottom row = ash glazed pots. All made by Mark.

Nice ash glazed ten gallon pot surrounded by bowls.

Mark's blurb from this opening. 

Some more of Mark's ten gallon pieces.

Fancy wig stand by Mr Hewitt. 

Close up of the decoration.

Now on to some flatware...

Mark Hewitt. Bowls with fern decoration.

Mark Hewitt. Pie dish. Ash glaze with blue glass drips.

These plates had a red slip liner which Mark decorated through and then glazed over with a glaze made from a local gravel.

Mark Hewitt. Bowl. 

Mark Hewitt. Plate.

Mark Hewitt. Plate.

Mark Hewitt. Platter.

Mark Hewitt. Platter.

 On to the planters...

Waves of planters!

Some of my planters in the foreground, Mark's in the back.

Mark Hewitt. 120lb planter.

Mark Hewitt. Monster planter.

Mark Hewitt. Rouletted salt glaze planter with blue glass. 

One of my planters, simple wavy incised lines whilst it was on the wheel.

Some of Stillman's and my pots.

Lots of little shooters, plus Stilly's bud vases and bio.

Stillman's blurb from this firing.

Shoppers grazing.

Its nice to see customers who come with their own boxes.

The pots always look better in the sun.

One of my spoon holders that got buried in wood ashes.

Two of Stillman's bud vases and one of my canister jars.

One of my mixing bowls.

Mixing bowls, all lined up.

Mixture of mine and Stillman's pots.

More apprentice pots!

My shelf -- with blurb in the background. 

Some more shelves of mine and Stilly's pots.

Two of my tumblers on the shelves.

And now, in case you have not seen enough pottery, here's a few more of mine with the barn as a backdrop.

Hamish Jackson, 1 1/2lb pitcher and 2 1/4lb pitcher.

Hamish Jackson, 3/4lb creamers.

Hamish Jackson, Water (or beer) bottle.

Hamish Jackson, Egg Vase. I like the ashy side of this one: nice dramatic firing.

Hamish Jackson, Pebble Vase.

Hamish Jackson, Egg Vase.

Hamish Jackson, Salty Mugs.

Hamish Jackson, 3 1/2lb casserole dish.

Hamish Jackson, Beer Tankard.

Hamish Jackson, Bud Vase.

To end here is a great moment I captured of a customer photographing his pots in front of the compost heap.

The heap is getting its time in the limelight!

I had to take the picture he got, too -- too good to miss. The worm bin I made is in the back right, too. Got to give the worms a shout out. 

Finally, here's a picture of some of the kiln shelves that once again need grinding. The myth of Sisyphus springs to mind! 

This is not all of the shelves by the way.