Mark Hewitt Pottery Spring 2016 Kiln Opening, Firing Kay

Our recent visit to England has somewhat slowed down my bloggering activities but now I have so much material and so many pictures to share. During our two week trip we were able to visit Svend Bayer, Clive Bowen, the pottery and museum at St Ives, and the Sainsbury's Centre (which has an amazing collection of Lucie Rie and Hans Coper pieces). Oh and an exhibition of Michael Cardew's pottery in Chipping Camden. I have my work cut out! But first I should put up some pics from our recent kiln opening.

This was a particularly exciting firing as the kiln was mostly filled with experimental glazes made using local materials. It was also Adrian's last firing as an apprentice at the Hewitt pottery. The firing went very smoothly and our expectations were mostly met by the results. The celadons and tenmokus were particularly dazzling, whilst the shinos proved a little trickier; some came out fantastically but others crawled. Overall we had some lovely results and a good sale. People responded well to the new glazes. At the end of the post I have included some pictures of my pots taken at Adrian's house with his flowtone backdrop. Personally I prefer seeing pots with a natural background such as a barn door or a grassy knoll, but in order to build a portfolio I am trying to document in a more professional manner.

Big pot by Mark Hewitt. This one is called "Mr Softie"
Empty kiln (apart from all the wads!)
Big pot by Mark Hewitt. I love the shape of this one.
Detail of the glass drip on this pot.
This one sold before the sale began.
Big pot by Mark Hewitt

The crowds arrive!
Marbled plate by Mark Hewitt.
Two part vase by Mark Hewitt. Regretting not snapping up this one-it was a super second.
Some little espresso cups I made.
Adrian and Patrick Rademaker (visiting up from Florida) stole my camera and blessed me with this picture of themselves, plus ruder versions!
Tableware by Mark Hewitt.
Jug/pitcher and mugs by Adrian King.
We have to write a little something for each kiln opening. Here's mine.
Droopy bellied sawanaky with shino glaze.
Cider jar/jug by Adrian King.
Celadon teapot by Adrian King.
White glazed vase with finger wiped decoration by Adrian King.
Heron scraffito tankard by Adrian King.
Two carbon trapped shino tankards by Adrian King.
Vase/wine vessel by Mark Hewitt. Ash glaze.
Celadons! Oh glorious celadons, by Mark Hewitt.
Big fat jar by Mark Hewitt. Tenmoku glaze.
Tableware by Mark Hewitt.
Nice tenmoku jar by Mark Hewitt.
Two part vases by Mark Hewitt.
A couple of my mugs. They have gone up from $9 to $15 this firing! Quite the increase!
Rows of my pots.
Casserole with lizard scraffito decoration.
The full inscription reads "Bernie is boss." If I could vote in the elections here it would definitely be for Bernie!
Display of my pots before the punters arrived.
Shooter, sawanaky and honey jar hanging out together.
Two of my tumblers. I like how the one on the right curves in at the top: I was aiming for this torpedo like shape.
Covered dish by Adrian King. You can use the lid as a bowl to eat from too.

I met this lovely lady at La Meridiana whilst she was on Mark's course. It is fun to catch up at kiln openings!
Some of Adrian's platters.
A rather handsome umbrella stand by Mark Hewitt.
A couple of my smaller casserole dishes.
And now on to the pictures I took using Adrian's flowtone background. Getting the light/highlights just right is an art I have yet to master but I think the results are alright. I would appreciate any feedback on the pics if you have any advice or suggestions.

Two part vase, celadon glaze.
Two part vase, tenmoku glaze over red slip decoration.
Sawanaky jar, shino gaze over red slip decoration.
Sawanaky jar, celadon glaze over red slip banding and scrafitto marks.
Vase, celadon glaze over red slip banding.
Two part vase, tenmoku glaze over red slip decoration.
Tumblers, tenmoku on the left, shino on the right
Barrel mugs, celadon glaze over red and white slip decorations.
Small bud vase, tenmoku glaze.
Shot glasses/shooters, celadon glaze with red slip dots under.
Large casserole dish, celadon glaze over red slip dots and lines.
Large three handled casserole with fish decoration, tenmoku glaze.
Small casserole dish, albany slip over red slip decoration.