Handling my handled beakers

So my beakers are all trimmed, stamped and ready for handles. I didn't think it was worth posting on the trimming of these as I covered it with the four inch bowls, and there wasn't much clay to remove anyway.

I spent the morning pulling handles. This is not the easiest technique to learn. I think its kind of like kneeding clay, you just have to practice untilyou get a feel for it, then refine what your hands are doing.

I have not made that many and am still very much an amateur handle maker. However, I managed to pull about 80 or so. I only had 35 beakers to handle so I figured this would give me enough to choose from!

Here's the process in pics with a video below.

Expectant leather hard beakers.
Handles, pulled and ready. I used reasonably stiff clay and let them lie out for a couple of hours before using them.
Pick one and press down into the fatter end to create a slightly rounded head, to mirror the shape of the beaker.
This will make it easier to attach the handle. Wet the end before the next bit.
Jam it on the beaker, holding from the inside as you do.
Smush (technical term) the end onto the beaker, attaching the skirt securely.
Keep supporting it from the inside.
Once secured you can lift it up and pull the handle some more.
Considerable shaping can be done at this stage.
I am using my thumb and finger to put a ridge into the handle.
Bend it over and remove any excess clay.
Smuch down the tail.
Clean it up a bit and you are almost done.
The final touch is to run your finger inside the handle, pushing in a nice curve.

One done. Now you have to wait for the handle to stiffen up and be at the same dryness as the body before slipping them.

Here's the video: