Slipping Handled Beakers

As if throwing them and putting handles on them wasn't enough! Slipping too!

Having not done much slip combing, and practically none on the outside of pots, I was feeling worried about this process. If you get them wrong they just look awful when they are fired.

Anyway, here's my attempt.

Stir up your glaze well.

Hold the rim with one finger and thumb underneath.

Dip to just under the inset line.

You can't fail to slip your hand as well.

Lightly run over the area which was covered by your finger tip, to coat it with slip.

Use a bush covered in slip to make a clean edge on the inside rim.

Re-mark your lines with your trusty piece of credit card.

Thsi is easier if the wheel is turning slowly.

This creates the borders within which to comb

Moving up and down smoothly, comb throught he slip.

Try to keep a constant speed. Again its easier if the wheel is going very slowly.


Now you have to set them out to dry before bisquit firing. Here's a video of the process: