Throwing Beakers

I have finally graduated from four inch bowl production. I am not sure exactly how many I made but certainly more than my target of five hundred. Now I have moved into beaker production. 

Beakers are a completely different shape; a cylinder rather than a bowl. Instead of 8oz of clay I'm using 10oz. They are thrown four and three quarters of an inch tall and three and a half wide at the top. So here is the process. It took me a few goes before managing to get the right dimensions. A lot ended up in the bucket of clay to be recycled.

Cone up.

Cone down.

Open up the base.

Make it wider than the finishing width.

Now pull the clay up into a cone.

Try to get the clay right out of the base.

Check the top is centred.

Going for another pull.

Check the rim again

When you are nearly at the height pointer throw against a credit card to remove the slip.

Throwing with a card also helps to straighten out the form.

The rim can be tricky. It needs to be straight rather than flaring out of curling in.

Undercut the beaker.

Remove the puddle.

Wire it off.

Scrape the slip off your hands.
Here it is on a board with one made earlier (middle left), one trimmed (middle right) and a finished one (right).

A board of beakers, with a birthday card from Brian the shoe repairer, and his cat Boots, in the background. 

Here's a video of the process: