Unloading wood and loading a bisquit kiln

This morning a dude turned up at the pottery, as promised, bearing a truck load of wood. I was sent out to help unload it.

He managed to reverse down the pot-holed wibbly wobbly track and turned into the area I cleared a few days ago. We undid the metal flaps on the side of the truck with some difficulty.

Then it was a case of trying to lever the cords of wood off. They were not light. We used two long pieces of metal scaffolding to lever them. The first one wasn't budging so we had to cut the cord and chuck them off by hand. The final three rolled off with some gentle persuasion and a lot of heaving.

Once off we stopped for a cup of green tea. The sawmill delivery man (whose name I wish I could remember) couldn't drink normal tea and asked if I had any green. This pleased me greatly as I have a large collection of different teas from all over the world, including various greens.


I think he looks like a sailor atop the mast, out to sea.


It looks so much easier in three photographs than it was. So that was my morning. The afternoon was spent helping Matt load the bisquit kiln. Matt did most of the work whilst I passed in kiln shelves, fetched props in between helping customers in the shop.

Some little salt piglets and a double jam pot.

A couple of my press moulded dishes, rim to rim.

Cone pack with mustard pots underneath.
Ready to be bricked up.